Activity & Fun

Your stay in Sardinia wouldn’t be complete without an exciting summer activity, and we offers a variety of fun water sports to make sure you get the most of this destination in the crystal clear waters. Rent a self-drive speed boat, get buzzing with a super powered jet ski, take it easy on a canoe or paddle boat, go a little higher and have a parasailing session or bring on the laughs in a super fun banana or sofa boat ride.

If you’re looking for an experience that’s even more unique, why not opt for a classy day session on a private yacht which we can charter for you. When you’re on holiday it’s always lovely to take luxury to the next level.

Family Fun

Sardinia  is great for families and offer a wonderful setting for a holiday

in which parents and children can share the joys of discovery, experience

the thrill of an action-packed vacation or just savoir the simple pleasures

of relaxation.

All in a safe

and tranquil environment that few other destinations can rival.

Summertime in Sardinia is synonymous with outdoor living. There is no

shortage of beaches to choose from: some fully-developed resorts

offering all the requisite facilities, others more secluded, quieter and

more pristine. And, if going to the seaside seems like too much of a

challenge, then one can always opt to spend the day by the hotel pool.

Either way, one should never forget to put on plenty of sun-cream,

especially on the little ones.

But Sardinia is so much more than just sun and sea.


Beach Beauties

Sardinia has some of the dreamiest beaches you’ll find without stepping off European shores. Yes, the sand really is that white, and the sea the bluest blue. Imagine dropping anchor in Costa Smeralda’s scalloped bays, where celebrities and supermodels frolic in emerald waters; playing castaway on the Golfo di Orosei’s coves, where sheer cliffs ensure seclusion; or sailing to La Maddalena’s cluster of granite islands. Whether you're walking barefoot across the dunes on the wave-lashed Costa Verde or lounging on the Costa del Sud’s silky smooth bays, unroll your beach towel and you’ll never want to leave.

Outdoor Adventures

Whether you go slow or fast, choose coast or country, Sardinia is one of Europe’s last great island adventures. Hike through the lush, silent interior to the twilight of Tiscali’s nuraghic ruins. Walk the vertiginous coastal path to the crescent-shaped bay of Cala Luna, where climbers spider up the limestone cliffs. Or ramble through holm oak forests to the mighty boulder-strewn canyon of Gola Su Gorropu. The sea’s allure is irresistible to windsurfers on the north coast, while divers wax lyrical about shipwrecks off Cagliari’s coast, the underwater Nereo Cave and Nora’s submerged Roman ruins.

Island of Idiosyncrasies

As DH Lawrence so succinctly put it: ‘Sardinia is different’. Indeed, where else but here can you go from near-alpine forests to snow-white beaches, or find wildlife oddities such as the blue-eyed albino donkeys on the Isola dell’Asinara and the wild horses that shyly roam Giara di Gesturi. The island is also a culinary one-off, with distinct takes on pasta, bread and dolci, its own wines (Vermentino whites, Cannonau reds) and cheeses – including maggoty casu marzu pecorino,stashed away in barns in the mountainous interior. In every way we can think of Sardinia is different, and all the more loveable for it.

Time Travel

Sardinia has been polished like a pebble by the waves of its history and heritage. The island is scattered with 7000 nuraghi, Bronze Age towers and settlements, tombe dei giganti ('giant's grave' tombs) and domus de janas ('fairy house' tombs). Down every country lane and in every 10-man, 100-sheep hamlet, these remnants of prehistory are waiting to be pieced together like the most puzzling of jigsaw puzzles. Sardinia is also an island of fabulously eccentric festivals, from Barbagia’s carnival parade of ghoulish mamuthones, said to banish winter demons, to the death-defying S’Ardia horse race in Sedilo.




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